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About Us

     J and L Enterprises is a new company with a new design for safety. As owners of antique cars and members of a number of touring car clubs, we designed a product that allows us and our club members to tour safely in a highly congested traffic area.

     Brakelighter was developed and manufactured with quality and price in mind. The low profile LED Brakelighter enhances the safety of classic cars without detracting from its appearance.

     Brakelighter is easy to install and can be conveniently removed from the back window when not needed. As an added safety feature, Brakelighter can also be connected to your existing signal lights.

     Please email or call us with your comments about our product.


"I received the brake lighter and I am totally impressed on the product and it's quality.  You certainly have done a fine job not only in the development of this but the installation manual and associated installation parts as well.  I sincerely thank you for it.  I was anxious to install it however I am going to take it to our next club meeting and show everyone what a fine product you have.  Several of us have purchased led tail light and turn signal kits and they are such a great addition to our cars regarding safety.  The brake lighter can be added to the list of safety items that are a "must" to have.  I hope to be able to give you an order after our meeting.  Thanks again and I'll be in touch. " - Buyer PW from Wadsworth, IL.



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